Destruction, etc.

I feel like less than a week ago I was writing about a rapper.
I was comparing and contrasting him to Adolf Hitler.
Today a rapper got shot and killed.
His name was Adolf. Young Dolph
Am I supposed to think something of this?
The more my upstairs neighbors run up and down the stairs
The louder I blast my music
The earlier they run up and down the stairs
The earlier I blast my music
The later they run up and down the stairs
The later I blast my music
The only problem is that this has been going on for so long,
I don't remember who started all this back and forth!
I’ll be fucking dead before I admit any wrongdoing in this though.
I have considered putting a handful of black marbles on the
black carpeted stairs and letting him learn.
I’ve also considered ditching everything I have here, and leaving,
to go far away from this fucking place.
Well shit, I’ve also considered taking that bee-aye-you-tiful noose
by my bed, and enjoying a permanent walk in the woods.
But then that motherfucker upstairs wins
And I lose, but I would win too.
Do you know what I’m talking about?
I'm going to the big city
Get a chopped cheese and a stab wound
Trust me, you'll know if I make it back.
Nothing spawns material for the masses, select few,
like the endeavor into utter chaos and hatred,
grown out of generations of rats and suffocation.
I will not abide.



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Dead Inside. Always Drunk, Slightly High, Seeking A Way Out Of My Own Head