Luck Of The English

I should have known I am not Irish.
An Irish Liver,
I should have known the name of my house.
Luck of the English,
not that it would make much of a difference.
I love me some Jamo,
but I can not stand the dark stuff.
If I had real luck, Irish luck,
maybe I would have found out I was Irish after getting that stupid clover tattoo.
But that's how I know I am truly English,
I got a stupid clover tattoo, I like Saag Paneer almost as much as I like fish and chips, and I can drink everyone, including myself, under the table. I like to sing and piss in public, and I have pride!
I never had any comparison because I never knew any real Irish descendants until recently, but my good friend, is really fucking lucky and I hate it. I have never seen anyone find cooler stuff, win better money, participate less for some of the highest gains I have ever seen. It irritates the living shit out of me.
My mom always said, “you have to work really hard to get lucky”
I can't think of many things more irritating to hear than that…

I need to find a happy medium, fuck happy, some form of medium outside of the one I found.
Currently, I consider myself as stated above, an Irish liver, with the luck of the English.
The worst parts of both of these nations.
I share other qualities though.
Along with other Britons, I am eccentric, I consider myself classically intellectual although, in reality, many people have no idea what I am saying, I eat horribly, I am about 40 years removed from being a skin-head, and all my suit jackets are either leather or tweed.
Along with the Irish, I am familial, a natural golfer, a natural drinker, I am hearty, I am a shepherd although not in the Irish sense, I am one of the few non-Irish who unequivocally loves soda bread, and Celtic rock bands are fucking awesome.
Maybe I will keep the Irish liver, but take the family, heartiness, and soda bread too
I should probably drop the luck of the English, drop luck altogether because I am not willing to work harder to be luckier, but I will pick up eccentricism, the self-proclaimed intellectualism, and I will keep the tweed too.

Can I combine those two cultures, cultures I have in my blood and have lived by for my entire life, in with the third and most prevalent culture, American?
Gosh, I have all of the best and the worst features of the American public.
Every day is truly a new day for me, that being said, I decide to spend each new day playing video games, hoping to get good enough I won't need to get a real job. I eat so so so horribly its almost fascinating, I am a Jew but I love Jesus Christ and I fear God instead of trying to live amongst him. And lastly, I love everything about freedom. I think the U.S. is one of the few places on Earth if not the only one that could efficiently and successfully create a state for Jews and a state for Nazi’s, put them right next to each other, and as long as each group can enjoy their own freedoms without disrupting the other’s freedom, this is the place that it could, and probably does happen. That's basically New Jersey and New York, Florida and Alabama, California and California, Washington D.C. and Maryland. If people had any idea how good Americans are at keeping their interests to themselves, they would think America was a completely different country than how it is painted by the higher-ups. Let's invite reality into this, the swastika is not outlawed in the U.S. It shouldn't be outlawed anywhere, but swastikas in the U.S. are rare, in my twenty-five years of living, I have seen many swastikas, all but one are on the books that I own about the holocaust and the Nazis, including Mein Kampf, the only swastika I have ever seen outside of my own home was a tattoo on the ribs of a young man in New Orleans. I have never seen someone give the Nazi salute, the only time I have seen people goose step was some Asian team entering the opening ceremonies of the Olympics a few years ago, and I doubt they even knew what they were doing. Compare this to Germany, where the swastika is outlawed, and they have the largest Nazi populations STILL. Not that the extremists would stop believing in what they believe if the swastika was not against the law, but it is just interesting that Germany, a country the size of a single state in the U.S. cant contain worldwide hate, but a country the entire size of Europe can have members of the Ku Klux Klan march down the street of a Jewish neighborhood and we live to see another day.
Somehow I always get so off-topic that I am strained to bring it all back together cohesively,
I guess my point is, I shouldn't be worried about bringing all of my loose ends, Irish, English, American, Jewish, Male, White, all of these meaningful things, to one precise point, because in a place like this, I can exercise all of these traits to the exact extent that it doesn't affect how someone else can exercise their own traits.
Gosh, this could be the first time I may have a cheerful answer to a question I pose, possibly the first time I have had an answer at all.



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