Vote OR Don’t, Just Shut Up About It

Vote OR Don’t

Art By DapDap

What exactly is the point of becoming a free thinker if you are the only one?
I have something more valuable than any politician, than any business owner, than any parent-
I have time- Simple, and yet so fucking important.
I am a 25-year-old white male living in the United States- Estimates say I could live over 50 more years.
That being said, I am a smoker with a drinking problem so hopefully, I won't live more than 20.
The question I pose today to anyone willing to consider these words: Is it worth being an intellectual at the expense of the enjoyment of life?
From my experience, certainly not.
Not everyone has the option of being an intellectual, and far fewer are born to be.
I was not born to be, in fact, I was born for labor, though quickly adopted for intellect.
It is that fact that leads me to the unhappiness I feel today.
I have my feet in two separate and unequal camps.
Natured to work, Nurtured to think- my mind and body are at frequent odds.
This mattered very little through my teens, as I would smoke weed all day, drop acid, doodle in my notebook and call it a good day. As only someone post-high school can acknowledge, those times are absolutely meaningless.
Once I graduated high school I was shipped off from the cold shoulder of public high school to the warm embrace of the liberal arts college.
Ithaca College- what a waste
I had my first taste of pure intellectualism while I was Upstate, not to be taken seriously at the time for my drinking had really taken hold.
Years later I finally recognized that there is no intellect without alcohol.
Alcohol and alcohol alone can numb the pain of knowledge, everything else will only distort the incoming lessons.

My curse is that I cannot do, I can only postulate- If this, then that- Possibly this, possibly that.
This became my reality during the 4 years I spent in Boulder, Colorado finishing up my Bachelor’s degree at the University of Colorado.
Political Science as my major, which is not actually science to those who do not know what political science is. It is a social science, which again, is not science.
Linguistics as my minor, which could have been a science if it was not dominated by the social science students as a partial part of their majors in some other bullshit.
The perfect culmination of politicing, and having the verbal skills to back up any point I could ever make, made me an enemy to the city limits of Boulder.
Colorado as a whole is a red, blue, purple state- very normal, frequently shifting between Republican and Democratic leadership with a high interest in libertarianism.
Boulder, as an anarcho-head-in-the-sand subsection of Colorado, is a rainbow blue blue blue city.
The official city slogan of Boulder, Colorado is shockingly, “White, Wealthy, and Loving it”.
By the time I left Boulder in 2020, the political scene had shifted so dramatically, from the ironically socialist to the arrogant liberals, that they were calling US the nazis.
Yeah, that makes sense, the moderate conservatives are the nazis, not the socialists who were the actual nazis…RECENTLY.
This was the shift that has lead me to perceive the rest of the country as I do today.
Nobody has ever needed to be an intellectual to know the nazis were socialists- you can read any singular book about World War II and it will be mentioned hundreds of times.
The real problem came when people who KNEW that the socialist party was the party of the nazis, decided to lie through their teeth and claim WE were the nazis.
So now, with a bullshit degree from college, hijacked by the social “sciences”, and a target on my back as a proud moderate who refuses to kiss the ring,
I find myself nowhere.
Corporate America doesn't want me because they are still wiping the jizz off their lips from their local democratic leaders every time they shoot out a tweet
condoning violence.
The political sphere wouldn't have me because I am far too moderate. Sure I am a people’s person, but I would rather die than represent the people I have been complaining about this entire time, and they would rather die as well, so I take no offense to that.
Local businesses would probably still take me, given I keep my mouth shut and grow my hair out. Give it a month, I say something that someone doesn't understand and calls me anything and everything I am not, until I have a mob at my front door, disallowing my escape.
I think the reasons I decide to write are thus obvious. I am simply too fearful, arrogant, and intellectual.

Now returning to the point of this whole thing- would I trade it all to have been born someone who has the ability to roll with the punches?
Absolutely. If I was able to just say, “Oh, I am a socialist now, I see everyone else is, that means I should be too”, my life would be so much easier.
and I DO CARE ABOUT THE EASE OF LIFE. Having life be easier is a great thing that everyone SHOULD strive for, but those like myself are wired to be unable to take happiness at face value. Frequently standing in the way of my happiness is the simple knowledge that I am not wired to be.
Life is a life sentence, death is our unforeseeable release date. No parole.
I also enjoy perceiving our life as a form of purgatory. I do not believe in Heaven or Hell so my view of purgatory is probably very skewed from that of a religious man, but what else would you call billions of people waiting around for something to happen?
Heaven is death. When we say “I am going to die”, we should instead be saying, “I am going to Heaven”, because death is certainly the greatest thing
that can happen to anyone.



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